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Миомектомия Вагинален фиброма

Миомектомия Вагинален фиброма

The video details a procedure called hysteroscopy which is used to examine the status of the uterus before surgery. The function and location of the uterus are first described and its menstrual cycle is explained in relation to childbirth. The reasons for the diagnostic aspects of such a procedure are stated such as abnormal uterine bleeding, causes of infertility and abnormal growths like fibroids and the operative aspect is also discussed with reasons such as the removal of benign growths, biopsy and the implantation or removal of a birth control device. The preparations for the procedure and the actual steps in the procedure are then discussed, with various instruments being used to first widen the vagina as part of the vaginal preparation before hysteroscopy. A uterus examination may then be conducted through a uterus endoscopy or a uterine fibrosis endoscopy, this is also done prior to uterus removal. A probe is generally used for this examination and any discrepancies are identified and marked for later resolution. The video ends with post-procedural tips and care. Watch the video to learn more about hysteroscopy procedure.